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What is a Poltergeist?

A poltergeist is a type of supernatural entity or phenomenon that is commonly associated with paranormal activity. The term "poltergeist" is derived from the German words "poltern," meaning to make noise or create a disturbance, and "Geist," meaning ghost or spirit. Poltergeists are often characterized by their ability to manipulate physical objects, create loud noises, and cause disturbances in the environment they inhabit. They are known for their mischievous and sometimes malevolent behavior. Poltergeist activity typically includes objects being thrown or moved, furniture being rearranged, doors slamming shut, unexplained noises, and even physical attacks on individuals. Unlike traditional ghosts or spirits, poltergeists are commonly believed to be manifestations of psychic energy or intense emotions rather than the spirits of deceased individuals. They are often associated with specific individuals, usually adolescents or young adults, referred to as "poltergeist agents" or "focus persons." The activity tends to occur around these individuals and ceases once the emotional or psychological issues causing the disturbances are resolved. Poltergeist phenomena have been reported in various cultures throughout history, and they have been the subject of numerous investigations and studies by parapsychologists and paranormal researchers. However, the existence and nature of poltergeists remain a topic of debate and skepticism within the scientific community, as no conclusive scientific evidence has been presented to support their existence.

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